Welcome to Smalltech Solutions

Smalltech Solutions Ltd utilises class 100/1000 cleanroom facilities to provide specialist nanotechnology engineering services in micro and nanoscale fabrication.

Smalltech Solutions with its growing team of professional engineers, leverages access to state of the art laboratories in the UK and Europe. The company has secured favourable terms with leading nanotechnology centres of excellence in the UK and Europe to make use of these facilities for the purpose of commercial services and prototype manufacturing.

Smalltech Solutions works with university researchers and companies, from start-up to multinational, as an agile outsourced resource for nanotechnology fabrication projects. Our focus is on providing engineering solutions through delivery of prototypes, product testing and materials/device analysis.

Generally our clients know what they want and desire to maintain control of the project management of the R&D process. Smalltech can keep the process simple by delivering nanoscale prototypes and devices on time and on budget.

  • New nanomechanical feather findings get scientists in a flap October 23, 2014
    Scientists have revealed that feather shafts are made of a multi-layered fibrous composite material, much like carbon fibre, which allows the feather to bend and twist to cope with the stresses of flight. […]
  • Bipolar disorder discovery at the nano level October 23, 2014
    Tiny structures found in brain synapses help scientists better understand disorder. […]
  • Strengthening thin-film bonds with ultrafast data collection October 22, 2014
    When studying extremely fast reactions in ultrathin materials, two measurements are better than one. A new research tool captures information about both temperature and crystal structure during extremely fast reactions in thin-film materials. […]
  • Two ways to snoop on self-organizing molecules October 22, 2014
    A few short years ago, the idea of a practical manufacturing process based on getting molecules to organize themselves in useful nanoscale shapes seemed... well, cool, sure, but also a little fantastic. Now the day isn't far off when your cell phone may depend on it. Two recent papers emphasize the point by demonstrating complementary approaches to fine […]
  • Month-long 'NANOvember' series of outreach and educational events October 22, 2014
    The month-long NANOvember celebration will showcase New York State's pioneering nanotechnology-based ecosystem with exciting events in Albany, Utica, and Rochester. […]